Bye Bye!

ahh. Okay, so The Coastal Confidence will be shut down for a week or two, as it is going into the shop for some much needed TLC!

IMG_3146 copy

So as my blog goes in for a touch up, I (sadly) won’t be able to post for a little while!

I don’t want to leave you guys high & dry, so make sure you look to my instagram account: thecoastalconfidence in order to stay up-to date, with all the exciting news to come!

Keep checking back for updates & I will miss you all!

xx. Aubrey 🙂

New York Cheesecake…For 1.

so lets talk desserts!

Nothing is better than desserts, whether it’s a cookie, a piece of cake, or just old fashion s’mores!

So the other day I was craving a dessert & I found this recipe for single serving cheesecakes, so I gave it a whirl.

So here is what I needed:

  • Enough Graham Crackers to coat the bottom of mini cupcake tins (about 1 cup).
  • A cup of raspberries
  • A cup of sugar
  • A brick of cream cheese (which is about 8 oz).
  • 1 Tablespoon of Vanilla Extract.
  • 1 egg
  • 3 oz of melted butter.


The first step was to mash the Graham Crackers and fill them into mini cupcake tins!


Graham Cracker

After that you beat the sugar, egg, cream cheese & vanilla extract together. Once that is completely smooth, I spooned it into the mini cupcake tins; right on top of the graham cracker bottom.

I popped these babies in the oven for 15 min then stuck them in the fridge for an hour!

And here they are!



Finally, those little cheesecake poppers are perfect for summer. I just placed a raspberries on top & they were a wonderful easy dessert.


xx. Aubrey

Watch Hill Love.


Watch Hill = dream spot!

Literally Watch Hill is one of my ultimate favorite places to go…EVER!

I love Watch Hill because it is filled with cute shops (that sell good clothes), ice cream that is awesome & is filled with beautiful beach dream houses!


All I want to do with my life is move into that gray house, wear Ralph Lauren everyday & go to the beach all summer.

So besides all the wonderful amenities of Watch Hill, the beach is vibrant & never super crowded which is great!



Besides a ton of sunscreen ( emphasis on a ton), I also wore a white long shirt from Anthropologie, for walking on the beach. I paired this shirt with black Lululemon running shorts while walking around the town & in the car. & a vineyard vine hat to protect myself from the sun.


So after a fun day of lying on the beach & swimming in the ocean. I ate some lobster & called it a day. Yum, Yum, Yum.

Oh & that white beach house is owned by Taylor Swift! How cool is that (I totally want)!

xx. A

Morning Adventures.

so after a weekend of watching the TPA golf tournament; I decided to go and having an early T-time with my cousins & Matt.


So I figured out that I am epically bad at golf, but really great at putting (so at least I can do something)! It took as a while to play 9 holes (about 2.5 hours) but it was a fun time filled with Dunkin Iced Coffee (so win win).




So of course you have to dress the part for golf…

So here is what I wore: Shirt// J.Crew Factory. Pants// Vineyard Vines. Earnings// Kate Spade.

Overall it was a fun time with a little bit of exercise & a lot of fun on the golf karts! So will we play again…for sure!


Stay Confident


Long Locks.

Hair Cut Photo

hot summers & long hair does not mix! After many weeks of having to pull these locks up & away from my face; I just decided to chop it off!

Ahhh. Okay if you’re a girl then you understand that cutting your hair isn’t always easy! But I went for it & am fully satisfied with my shorter hair!

Hair Cut


What I am wearing today: Dress// J.Crew. Purse// Rebecca Minkoff. Sunglasses// Ray-Ban.

so bring on the heat & the week of fun-filled activities! 

Stay Confident!

Aubrey xx.

Beauty & the Bathroom


okay! So the bathroom is a room often neglected, ignored, & blah when it comes to decorating!

Cause who ever thinks to decorate their bathroom?

Well the bathroom is a place that should not be ignored & is often one of the most versatile places to decorate. You can add a lot of color or add some decor that fits your mood. Literally the bathroom is open to interpretation!

So on behalf of bathrooms everywhere, I am here to show you a bathroom in my house that is beautified & full of decor!





Okay so I am all about simplicity, but having zero decor is just boring! So it’s fun to play around & use bathroom themed items like soap, towels, sponges & perfume bottles to decorate!




Below are my morning & night essentials. I always use these Simple brand makeup removing whips. I remove my makeup & lotion my face in the morning & before bed. Resulting in no break outs & no dry spots!

Bathroom Picture!




Nothing is prettier than a squeaky clean bathroom, with a little personality!

& how relaxing does that tub look (dying).

Between Anthropologie, Pottery Barn & Crate & Barrel there are plenty of unique items to spruce up your bathroom!

Stay Confident,



Summertime “Diets”

okay so yay it’s summer! & that means picnics, pool parties & lots of snacks! 


Yet summertime means pools, beaches, & “bikini diets” (blah). But honestly summertime has my favorite foods.

Think hotdogs, hamburgers, watermelon & s’mores (yummmm) …like seriously, no thanks to a summertime diet!


So instead of eating like a bird (yikes), I try to choose one summertime food & try to eat healthy besides that one item…anyways summertime is also a active time!

IMG_2761 copy

Between swimming, walking, summertime jobs, & yoga; summertime is a perfect time for moderation!

Summer is also a time for amazing vegetables & fruits, so instead of a hamburger & fries, I try to add some healthy snacks. & in the summer there are a multitude of snacking options!


Currently snacking on peaches as we speak!

Happy snacking! 

Stay Confident,

Aubrey xx.


Beach Essentials!

hey hey…so summertime = beach time so I am laying out my beach essentials!

So here we go:


Literally I have been laying on this beach towel all weekend with my beach essentials.

Nothing is more important than having a hat// mine is Vineyard Vines, Sunglasses// Ray-Ban, & a snack// Luna Bars are always my go to.

So sometimes just sitting in the sun/shade can get a little boring (Ik life is hard lol), so I always bring out some serious entertainment.

I always bring a Magazine// Glamour (is my fav) & my IPad to play music. IPad retro case// Kate Spade!

Finally & most importantly….Hydration!


I always make sure to either bring a bottle of water or some ice tea. sooo yesterday I mixed some seltzer water with lemon & lime juice to make a little afternoon refresher, & drank up!

Anyways I am off back to the pool & enjoying the sun :)!

Stay Confident,


Take Me Out To The Ballgame!


hi hi

I love baseball. Okay correction, I love going to baseball games (not so fond of watching every single game on TV).

so if your going to a baseball game you have to dress the part. Pick your team & get your teams colors on, asap. I love the Red Sox & I am sure I’ll be attending more games this year.



What I wore: Hat// Boston Red Sox hat (obvi). Shirt// J.Crew. Shorts// J.Crew. Sunglasses// Ray-Bands!

Okay so college kids are on a superrr tight & tiny budget…so going to a baseball game is a fun way to see a city & eat good food.

I encourage everyone to go out & attend a game. Whether it’s The Padres or The Red Sox, nothing is more economically fun than a game.

So here are some pictures from the festivities & I hope everyone had a weekend packed with fun activities.

(ahhh) still can’t believe I am in summer, & I literally never want it to end!

Anyways here are the pics: (enjoy)!




{Jack Rogers as usual}

{Seated on the Pavilion}


{Matt & I}

Stay Confident

xx. Aubrey



Making the most of the rain days!

rainy days seem to never end over here. So with nowhere to go & nothing to do, I have been prepping for my blog revamp like crazy!

On top of that I have been watching bravo marathons & prepping healthy snacks for fun (mildly lame ik)!
IMG_2513 IMG_2560 IMG_2553


It has been cold & drowsy so I have been dressing for comfort & warmth.

Rain day attire: Shirt: Vineyard Vines long sleeve tee// Leggings: lululemon // Rain Boot: Nordstrom // Necklace: J.Crew!

Hopefully the weather will be warming up soon & summertime will begin again! Wishing everyone & warmer Saturday than I am experiencing!

Stay Confident!

Aubrey xx!